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You asked me what is a “Voice Activator?”

An activator is a person or thing that activates. (You all know about the jerry-curl activator. You probably had a jerry-curl. It was used for straightening your hair to make it curly with rollers, LOL). A voice activator is a person that forces you to redirect the words that YOU allow others to define YOU as, and permit you to change what you believe about yourself. Now, a voice activator can’t impose any thoughts of negativity. They empower, inspire, uplift, encourage and activate your inner strength through your own words. You will have the ability to give yourself permission to change. I am a “Voice Activator” because I was an angry woman and my life was spiraling down with the thought of the words that someone spoke to me and over me as a child.

I could not release that curse until I realized that my voice was the most powerful tool on God's tool belt that He gave to me. I am not talking about the golden calf (god) but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I was reminded that life and death were in the power of my own tongue. Therefore, I had to activate my own voice to change what I believed about myself with daily affirmations. When you see ‘I AM’ in the Bible, Jesus symbolizes to himself as “I AM” seven times in the Book of John. In Greek ( Ego eimi or Ἐγώ εἰμί), it literally means “I AM,” “It is I,” or “I Exist. In essence, I am not Jesus, but The Word said that I was made in His image and His likeness. Therefore, “ I am” exists in me and I can take ownership. Jesus' “I AM” statement indicates they clearly understood what He was declaring.

My declaration: ” I AM “ONYX the Voice Activator”; A TOP CERTIFIED COACH, SPEAKER, TRAINER, and LEADER WITH THE MAXWELL LEADERSHIP CERTIFIED TEAM. I Am a member of Toastmaster and a graduate of Liberty University and Grace Bible Seminary.

Who Am I? I am glad you asked. I AM DR. GLORIA Dorothy Deleston from Down Cut on James Island, SC. “I Am who I Am.”

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