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"When you can identify the I AM in your own life, then you can realize the challenges you encounter are not necessarily one that you have to endure."

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"I AM" is the most valued asset that you will ever own. It is yours and yours alone. No one can say "I Am" for you.

From A-Z, you can identify who you are. What you believe is what others will see. The only way to make an impact is to make a difference.


Harriett Tubman made a difference. So, in all of life's deciding moments, we have the ability to change. A movement must take place to shape our passion and purpose. The mindset of a man is what defines his action and reaction to situations. If you believe it is possible, then it is possible. Whatever you believe when you pray is what you will achieve.


Stop trying to figure it out. God already worked it out.

I AM My Voice....

I Am expresses ownership.

I Am gives me permission to feel, see, touch,  smell, and think; then set boundaries.

I Am penetrates my mind, empowers my soul like chicken soup and shocks my heart to love differently.

I Am will eradicate all my negative thoughts.

I Am is a rebuilding block I can set in concrete and watch it grow stronger.

I Am defines me, myself and I, without your permission.

I Am redirect your thoughts.

I Am takes you to your creative space which fosters Creative thinking.

I Am is my catalyst/activator for peace, love, joy, wealth, success and good health.

I Am euphoric as I think about my future endeavors.

My question to you; do you know who you are?

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I'm here to tell you that all things are possible. You are victorious and you are enough. 

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My declaration:


” I AM “ONYX the Voice Activator”; A TOP CERTIFIED COACH, SPEAKER, TRAINER, and LEADER WITH THE MAXWELL LEADERSHIP CERTIFIED TEAM. I Am a member of Toastmaster and a graduate of Liberty University and Grace Bible Seminary.

Who Am I? I am glad you asked.


I AM DR. GLORIA Dorothy Deleston from Down Cut on James Island, SC.


“I Am who I Am.”

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